Why Choose ICEU

  1. First and only comprehensive national medical-based coaching educational programs

  2. ICEU courses are available to everyone from coaches, educators, to concerned parents

  3. The most current information available for each topic

  4. All content presenters are nationally recognized authorities in their respective areas

  5. Our courses are targeted and comprehensive yet easy to follow

  6. Our courses offer the highest level of convenience: viewed online through most smartphones or tablets

  7. ICEU courses utilize the latest HD quality streaming video technology

  8. ICEU courses are both practical and economical

  9. Innovative CEUs® is a Connecticut Approved SDE Provider.

  10. ICEU courses follows the best practices of teaching, utilizing assessment with both practice and final exams

  11. Innovative CEUs® has the ability to customize any of our current or future programs to fit the need of any organizations coaching educational requirements.

ICEU In-House Affiliate Program

All affiliates start with an 8% commission and can increase to a 15% commission rate. The commission is calculated from the price of the course, minus any volume discounts and/or student coupons.

Once an affiliate sells 20 courses in any given month, they will earn an extra % point for the month. The new commission rate becomes permanent.

Organizations that click through an ICEU Affiliate Link will be tied to that affiliate ID. The first time an organization makes a course purchase using your affiliate ID, you will be paid at your current commission rate. You will also earn recurring revenues on all subsequent course purchases made by the organization.

Affiliates earn one-time commissions by referring Students (Coaches, Athletic Directors, Parents, etc.) to the ICEU site to take courses. In order to earn commissions on student purchases, the student must click through your ICEU links and purchases a course.

Affiliates can create their own discount coupons (Read item 16 of Affiliate Terms)

Join the ICEU Affiliate Program by going to our Affiliate Registration Page.

3rd Party Affiliate Network

For those of you wishing to become affiliates but are not comfortable with (or qualify for our) in-house programs, you can still sign up as one of our affiliates thru shareasale.com.


  1. Anyone can join
  2. Paid thru Share-A-Sale
  3. Auto Deposit
  1. No performance based commission increases
  2. No recurring revenues.
  3. Cannot create your own coupon codes
    (Must use coupons provided thru Share-A-Sale.)

Join the ICEU Affiliate Program thru Share-A-Sale at: shareasale.com.

Two Tiered Program

Both of our affiliate options (In-House and Share-A-Sale) are Two Tiered Programs.

You have the ability to earn extra revenue by referring other affiliates.
For each new affiliate you refer, you will earn 10% of their monthly affliate commision.

Join one of the ICEU Affiliate Programs by going to:
In-House Affiliate Registration Page | Share-A-Sale.

What are Organizations

Organizations are any group whose members include: Athletic Trainers, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Athletes

Examples of organizations would include: Schools, School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Armature Sports Associations, Professional Sports Associations, Recreational Associations, Athletic Clubs and any other place where sports are played.

You are probably already associated with several organizations yourself. (Does your kids play any sports?)

Still need some help finding organizations?
A quick search can give you a good starting point, like:

Join the ICEU Affiliate Program by going to our Affiliate Registration Page.

FULL Affiliate Program Overview (PDF)