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Athletic Training

Athletic Trainers are sports medicine professionals that are dealing with prevention, management, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are required to obtain 50 CEU's every 2 years. 40 can be from Category A and the remaining 10 CEU's need to be from Evidence Based Practice (EBP). The Innovative CEUs (ICEU) on line platform will be hosting high-quality affordable on-line AT Category A and EBP CEU's to fit all ATs busy schedules.

All Courses Available Under Athletic Training Courses

Category A Continuing Educational Programs for ATs

No minimum number of CEUs required. Maximum limit, 40 CEUs is the maximum number you can use toward the 50 CEUs due. 20 CEUs is the maximum number you can use toward the 25 CEUs due. Activities in this category are available through BOC. Approved Programs are Live Events (workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, etc.); as well as Home Study Courses.

Acadaware Education Institute (AEI) - (9 courses)

1. Asymmetrical Overload Syndrome (AOS)

2. Fluoroscopy

3. Lumbar and Hip Dissection

4. Musculofascial Dynamics of the Trunk / Core

5. Practical Biochemistry

6. Principles of Mechanical Pain

7. The Hip Lecture

8. The Shoulder Dissection

9. Therapeutic Exercise

Andrews Research & Education Foundation - (3 courses)

1. Sports Injuries of the Hand and Wrist

2. Tendinopathy

3. The Evolution of Orthobiologics

Arizona Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. - AzATA - (10 courses)

1. 2017 Winter Symposium Continuing Education Bundle

2. Athletic Program Safety Audit: Concepts and Tools

3. Creating Exercise Adherence Using Evidence Based Psychology Techniques

4. Growth Plate Injuries

5. Lower Crossed Syndrome: A Differential Diagnosis for Low Back Pain

6. Practical Approach to Adolescent Sports Nutrition

7. Reliability and Validity of Using Mouth Guard Sensors to Measure Force During Hitting in High School Football

8. Spinal Motion Restriction

9. Systematic Review of Concussion Reporting Behaviors of Athletes

10. What’s In a Name? Promoting the Profession with Words & Actions

Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association - (1 courses)

1. What Else Can I Do? NUTRITION for Injury and Illness Prevention and Rehabilitation

Professional Seminars, LTD - (1 courses)

1. Rehabilitation Following Pectoralis Major Repair - Athletic Trainer

Rod Walters - (2 courses)

1. Football Medical Observer Training

2. Time Management for Athletic Training Professionals

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) programs

Two types of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) programs Foundation EBP programs help ATs understand EBP methodology, find and evaluate evidence, and apply it to their clinical practice Clinical EBP programs are organized around a clinically appraised topic, such as evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, following the five-step EBP process.

Andrews Research & Education Foundation - (2 courses)

1. 2018 Injuries in Football

2. Physical Exam of the Athletes Shoulder, Elbow, and Knee

Arizona Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. - AzATA - (1 courses)

1. 2018 Winter Symposium EBP Bundle

Eastern Kentucky University Athletic Training Education Program - (3 courses)

1. Proper Management and Handling of Medications in the Athletic Training Facility to Reduce Patient Risks

2. Return to Play for Overhead Athletes Following Superior Labral Repair

3. The Evidence-Based Rotator Cuff Examination for the Practicing Clinician

Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association - (13 courses)

1. Advancing the Implementation of Electronic Records in Athletic Training

2. Alternative Diagnostic Tools for Concussion Assessment

3. American Football and Exertional Heatstroke: What Have We Learned In The Last 50 Years?

4. Can taping and/or bracing Prevent the Occurrence of Lateral Ankle Sprains?

5. Clinician's Guide to Evaluation Research: How to look beyond the p Value

6. Current and Future Issues in Sports-Related Concussion

7. Evaluating the 2015 Emergency Cardiac Care and First Aid Treatment Recommendations and Guidelines

8. Exercise is Medicine for Chronic Disease States

9. Putting EBP into Clinical Practice

10. Risk Management in Athletic Training: An Evidence-Based Practice Presentation

11. The Next Big Thing: Clinical Outcomes in Athletic Training

12. The Presence of Skill Decay in Acute Care Skills: What is the Evidence, and How Can Clinicians Combat

13. Understanding Literature Appraisal: Implementing Compilation Research in Clinical Practice

Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program - (2 courses)

1. 2018 Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program Symposium 4.5 hour BOC EBP

2. Sports Performance in Nutrition

MAATA - District 5 - (1 courses)


Multi Radiance Medical - (1 courses)

1. Low Level Laser Therapy and Sports Performance

Positional Release Therapy Institute® - (1 courses)

1. Positional Release Therapy: An Evidence-Based Update for Athletic Trainers

Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. - (1 courses)

1. Concussion is Treatable

Rod Walters - (3 courses)

1. Evidence-Based Concussion Prevention and Management in Athletics/ Effective Safety Assessment and Return-to-Play Strategies

2. Evidence-Based Emergency Action Plan for Safer Sports

3. Evidence-Based Provision of Medical Services for Collegiate and HS Programs

EBP Live Stream Course

EBP Live Stream Course used to have the Athletic Trainer complete final exam, end of course survey to generate both course completion reports and EBP Certificate

Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program - (1 courses)

1. JSMPSpring2018EBPLiveStream

Ethics course for Athletic Trainers

This Ethics subcategory area is for any state AT association to host their own Ethics courses for ATs to take and complete for their state athletic trainer association member renewal process.

Ohio Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. (OATA) - (1 courses)


Category A course hosted off site

Category A course hosted off site that the Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) on-line hosting client uses the ICEU to track all the controlling agency course completion reports (Course Completion, Final Exam, End of Course Survey) and BOC Category A Certificate of Completion for both student and controlling agency.

Advanced PT and Acupuncture, LLC - (1 courses)