Innovative CEUs® On-Line Hosting Platform is designed to host any on-line course for any organization

Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) on-line hosting platform offers a very robust on-line platform that is very responsive to our on-line hosting partner's needs. When we make changes to both our front and back end programing we seek the advice of our on-line hosting partners to make their students (individuals) taking their on-line courses have an outstanding educational experience completing all their on-line courses on the ICEU on-line hosting platform.

All our Innovative CEUs® on-line hosting partners will be driving their students and organizations to our site to purchase their courses. We also have Innovative CEUs® affiliates that also can offer up to a 20% coupon per month off any course on the site to drive both students and organizations to purchase all the on-line courses hosted on the ICEU on-line platform.

ICEU Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program was developed to provide recurring revenues to affiliates (businesses, websites or individuals) who sell ICEU educational programs.

How does it work?
Affiliates offer ICEU programs (via text, graphic and video links) to their customers, coaches, staff, students etc.
Affiliates have the power to offer student discounts for the ICEU courses to help grow their business.

You have the ability to earn extra revenue by signing up other companies, websites, and distributors as "sub-affiliates". These "sub-affiliates" will enable you to earn 10% recurring revenue on their monthly affliate commision.

Getting started is a simple 1-2-3 step process:

  • Step 1 - Fill out and submit ICEU affliate registration page.

  • Step 2 - Enter emailed ICEU affiliate verification code.

  • Step 3 - Select all ICEU affiliate marketing materials, websites, blogs, etc., you will use. Once your application is approved you will be emailed your ICEU affiliate user name and password to start your program.

On-Line Hosting Partners and Innovative CEUs® Affiliates
Both our Innovative CEUs® on-line hosting partners and affiliates have a synergistic affect by driving more students and organizations to the ICEU site to purchase all courses hosted on the Innovative CEUs® on-line hosting platform.

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Professional Seminars, LTD - We are please to announce that Professional Seminars, LTD is planning to release Athletic Trainer CEU courses later this summer.

Multi Radiance Medical - Multi Radiance Medical launches 1.5 hour BOC Clinical EBP Home Study course LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE
Ohio Athletic Trainers Association (OATA) - We are please to announce the launch of Ohio Athletic Trainers Association (OATA) Ethics CEU Course.

New Feature for ICEU Platform - We have had several discussions with clients that were interested in weighted exams. We see the benefits of weighted exams for our clients. We are please to announce that we are currently working to create weighted exams. ICEU expects to release weighted exams mid 2017.
Indiana Athletic Trainers Association - (Indiana IATA) - We are pleased to announce the launch of 4 Indiana Athletic Trainers Association BOC Approved Category A Home Study Courses on the ICEU on-line hosting platform.
Progressive Therapy Education - Progressive Therapy Education will be providing Athletic Trainer, PT, and OT courses on the ICEU site this upcoming fall, 2016.
Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association - BOC EBP Courses on ICEU Platform - Recently came on board as a course hosting partner to allow Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) to host their online courses.
Fizika Group - Recently came on board as a course hosting partner to allow Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) to host their online courses.

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